Anita Sarkeesian Talks at Brandeis

Jordan Pollack, Anita Sarkeesian, Mary Baine Campbell

150 students, staff, and faculty attended the Martin Weiner Lecture in Computer Science given by prominent media critic Anita Sarkeesian on November 2nd. See the story in BrandeisNews.

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Computer Science Senior Field Project: Fall 2015 Update

UnknownThe Brandeis Computer Science Field Project places a team of 3-6 Cosi seniors and/or grad students with an outside organization to do a project with and for them.

For the students, unlike an internship, it is an Unknownopportunity to work very independently, applying their Computer Science while at the sam e time learning how to work in a highly independent team and build a professional business relationship with an outside organization.

Here is a 1 page flier with the latest update: Cosi Senior Field Project Fall 2015 Update

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Anita Sarkeesian Lecture, Nov 2 at Noon


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Mitch Cherniack and co-authors win VLDB’s 10 Year Best Paper Award

mitch1Professor Mitch Cherniack  and his co-authors have won the Very Large Data Base Endowment (VLDB)’s 10-Year Best Paper Award for research (“C-Store: A Column-oriented DBMS”) originally published in Proceedings of the VLDB in 2005.

According to the VLDB selection committee, winning papers are those that were submitted 10 years earlier to the journal VLDB Proceedings and have best met the “test of time” – that is, those that have had the most influence since its publication. How the ideas proposed in the paper have been put into practice are given special emphasis.

C-Store has since been commercialized by a start-up company called Vertica. The company’s service has been used by thousands of businesses across the world, including Twitter, Verizon, Comcast, Groupon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Zynga, and AOL. In 2011, Vertica was acquired by Hewlett-Packard and has continued to be a successful business.

Options gifted to Brandeis paid to remodel the lobby area of the Volen Center creating the Vertica Lounge benefiting our students.

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The only woman in the room

Harry Mairson invited Eileen Pollack, a classmate from Yale, now a professor at Michigan to speak on her new book about the challenges still facing women entering the sciences. There were about 150 in attendance for the talk and the panel discussions featuring Harry, Ruth Charney, Avital Rodal and Christine Thomas. An excerpt of the book was published in the NYTimes magazine. The talk was sponsored by Division of Science and WISI.


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Third CS Jobs Fair

jobfairIn conjunction with Hiatt Career Center and the Graduate School, on Oct 1, 2015 we held the most successful job fair ever!  Over 35 companies set up tables with schwag, and over 150 students and several CS alumni met for several hours, exchanging brochures and resumes. Many good connections were made for software engineering jobs and internships.  But next year we will include Coffee and pastries, because 3 hours is tiring! (Click photo for gallery.) Continue reading

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Alumni VR Startup in Forbes

youvisit-founders-2013Abi Mandelbaum, Endri Tolka, and Taher Baderkhan’s startup YOUVISIT is profiled in Forbes as how to bootstrap a successful company without venture capital. The company creates virtual reality visiting experiences for universities and commercial properties, saving people the airfare. All three graduated in Computer Science from Brandeis in 2003.

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David Waltz Summer Research Fellowship

David Waltz, a CS Professor from 1984-1993 passed away in 2012. The department moved to establish an endowed Ph.D. Fellowship in his honor which would broaden participation in AI research.  So far, we only raised enough to endow a summer fellowship. This first summer, the fellowship was awarded to Jessica Lowell, a student working with Prof. Pollack.

jessieWe continue to raise funds for this endowment, from alumni who remember David, as well as the thousands of people in the field of AI who remember him fondly.

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Streambase: Computer Science Senior Field Project

Last semester we again ran the Cosi Senior Field Project, this time with TIBCO. Actually, it was with Streambase, which was recently acquired by TIBCO.

Streambase’s products grew out of “Aurora”, research done here at Brandeis as well as MIT and Brown University. Streambase looks at databases not as static repositories, but as  real time and constantly flowing “streams” of information. With that perspective, you and now do queries and execute triggers on this flow. Suffice it to say that it’s very cool!’

The Senior Field Project is structured is a one semester, four student independent study. The project is defined by the partner organization, in this case Streambase, and usually involves some combination of investigation, ideation, design, prototyping and implementation leading to an on-site presentation of results and deliverables.

Last fall the team of Eden Zik, Sharat Sridhar, Yahui Wang and Artem Malyshev began working with their counterparts at Streambase to sort through some needs and ideas and decide on a project that would be beneficial to all concerned. Continue reading

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Michael Stonebraker wins 2014 Turing Award

This is the second year in a row that the Turing Award recipient has had a Brandeis connection.  Last year, The Association for Computing Machinery named Leslie Lamport, MA ’71, PhD ’72, the recipient of the 2013 Award, an honor widely known as the ‘Nobel of Computing.’   Professor Mitch Cherniack has been a frequent collaborator of this year’s Turing award recipient:  Dr.  Michael Stonebraker, of MIT, working with him on such projects as the Aurora/Borealis stream processing system (commercialized into Streambase and acquired by Tibco), the C-Store column store DBMS (commercialized into Vertica and acquired by HP) and most recently, the Data Tamer data integration system (commercialized into Tamr).

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