TJX / Feldberg Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Illinois, and
Dr. Sc., University of Grenoble

Volen Center for Complex Systems
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454
Office: (781)-736-2702
Fax: (781)-736-2741

E-mail: jc@cs.brandeis.edu
Web: http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~jc
Jacques Cohen
Jacques Cohen has been at Brandeis University since 1968 and holds the TJX/Feldberg Chair in Computer Science. He has a broad interest in the field, his publications covering research topics in analysis of algorithms, parsing and compiling, memory management, logic and constraint logic programming, and parallelism. Over sixty of his publications have appeared in top refereed journals, several of them co-authored by his undergraduate students.

In the past six years Professor Cohen has concentrated his research and teaching in the area of computational biology or bio-informatics. Within that area his topics of interest are: grammars for gene finding, the inverse protein folding problem, and simulation and modeling of cell regulation.

Professor Cohen has played an active role in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the professional society congregating computer scientists. He served for several years as Editor-in-Chief of the association's main journal, the Communications of the ACM. He was also a member of the ACM Publications Board at the time when that organization started planning the electronic publication of its journals.

Professor Cohen was responsible for building the Computer Science Department at Brandeis and has served as its chair for about twelve years starting in the early eighties. He has obtained numerous NSF grants including a substantial CISE grant for studying parallel algorithms.

Professor Cohen has held visiting professorships at Brown University, MIT, and more recently at Wellesley College. In France, he had visiting appointments at the universities in Marseilles, Grenoble, and Nancy.

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