Here are the courses offered by the Brandeis Computer Science department.
The full bulletin with complete descriptions is available at
The courses currently being offered are available at this link:

Undergraduate Core courses for the BA

Additional Core courses for the BS

Undergraduate Electives

  • CS 2a: Introduction to Computers
  • CS 65a: Introduction to 3D Animation
  • CS 93a,b: Research Internship
  • CS 98a,b: Independent Study
  • CS 99d: Senior Research

Graduate/Advanced Undergraduate Electives

Graduate Electives

  • CS 200a,b: Readings
  • CS 210a,b: Independent Study
  • CS 215a: Advanced Topics in Computer Supported Cooperation
  • CS 216a: Topics in Natural Language Processing
  • CS 217a: Topics in Adaptive Systems
  • Cs 217b: Natural Language Processing Systems
  • CS 220a: Advanced Computer Systems
  • CS 227b: Advanced Topics in Database Systems
  • CS 228a: Topics in Distributed Systems
  • CS 230a: Topics in Computational Biology
  • CS 235a: IT Entrepreneurism
  • CS 236b: Software Development for IT Entrepreneurism
  • CS 240b: Computational Logic
  • CS 293a,b: Graduate Research Internship
  • CS 300a,b: Master’s Project
  • CS 320a: IT Entrepreneurship Practicum I
  • CS 320b: IT Entrepreneurship Practicum II

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