Peace Corps Volunteer, Tanzania

Last Updated: 1 August 2001


Greetings from Tanzania! I'm writing to you from Monduli, a little town just to the northwest of Arusha, Tanzania, in East Africa. I'm here teaching A-Level secondary school physics with the U.S. Peace Corps. I arrived here in October 1998 and spent two months in training before coming to Monduli, where I will be teaching Physics until December 2001.

You may well wonder how a person living less than a half hour walk from the Maasai bush is managing to maintain a web site. Well, Monduli is blessed with electricity, however sporadic, and I'm able to keep my laptop semi-regularly charged (though when I first composed this web page, I was typing by the light of a kerosene lamp; the irony is delicious). Direct phones arrived in Monduli in 2000, so I can now communicate freely with the decline of the Western Civilization. I can check email from my very own home on my very own phone, though browsing and downloading are prohibitively slow.

The space for this website is being provided by the abstract yet groovy mathematician Anthony Bucci III. I'm not sure what interesting things he's featuring on his own pages. My page here isn't really a home page or anything; its purpose is not to introduce me as a person to new folks or to hock any of my cheap wares. It's mostly for my friends and family to read about, and especially to take a look at, some of the things I've seen and done since coming here. Needless to say, it's also a "page in progress," so please stop by from time to time to look for new stories and pictures. If you want a much more professional-looking page, check out Ben and Sara Davidson's web site. They are a married couple serving as PCVs in the southern coastal region of Mtwara.

Tales of a Far-Off Land

Last Updated: 1 August 2001

Many of you are receiving my Letters From Tanzania. I've been writing about once a month from my home here in lovely Monduli. I write about my life and personal experiences, my joys and frustrations, and also about Tanzanian life in general. Many of you have already read them by email; here they are in their full formatted-text glory.

Picture Pages

Last Updated: 1 August 2001

Picture pages, picture pages, come and get your picture pages... Here are some images from events in my life. They're not necessarily representative of my day-to-day life in Peace Corps, but my family and friends should enjoy seeing some of my Peace Corps friends and some of the things I do in my free time.

Endelea Na Usalama
(Continue On In Peace)

I hope you enjoy these thoughts and images from my life... as I've said above, these pages really don't stand for me or my work in Peace Corps as a whole, they serve more as a forum for folks who already know me to get a peek at my life that they might not otherwise.

If you have some questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you'd like to 'subscribe' to the "Letters from Tanzania," please feel free to contact me at If you'd actually like to send me a letter or (woohoo!) a care package, my address here is:

Mwl. Ethan Field
P.O. Box 60
Monduli, Arusha

Phone: 011-255-27-253-8231