CS146A FAQ Spring 2015

How to format your reading report.

You should use the reading title, author, your name and date as a header in the report.  You should also adhere to the strict limit of maximum one page for answers to questions and half a page for summaries. If you want to add notes and afterthoughts, these should be marked as such.  Remember, the report itself should be concise.

How to submit your reading report.

Please submit your reading report in LATTE by 5pm of the day before class. Submit files in pdf format.

For current assignment see the cs146a home page http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~cs146a.

How to submit your project.

These instructions are for submitting your projects, not your reading reports.

Please write a readme file called README that contains the following information:

Also please make sure that your name, the class, the project number, and the date are in a comment at the beginning of every file that is a part of your project.

Put the README with your other project files and pack them into an archive (.zip, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2 are all fine). For example, if your files are in a subdirectory called "project1", and you are on a Linux box, type this:

tar cvfz project1.tar.gz project1

Then submit the archive online on LATTE.