Cosci 30a: Introduction to the Theory of Computation


Spring 2007

2/8 - Midterm will be in class on Thursday 1 March. Midterm is Open Book, Open Notes, No Electronics. Midterm covers through class on 8 Feb., and chapters 1- 3.

2/8 - Posted Assignment 4 to Assignments page
2/1 - Posted Assignment 3 to Assignments page
1/24 - Posted Assignment 2 to Assignments page
1/24 - There is no late penalty for handing in Assignment 1 by 29 Jan.
1/17 - Posted Assignment 1 to Assignments page
12/06 - Note that there are at least four different editions of the text: Prelimiary, First, Second, and grey market foreign versions. The all have different problem sets.

Please get the second edition, as that is the one problems will be assigned from. The library has the second edition of the text on reserve.

last modified 8 Feb. 2007