Installation and Setup

I. Install DevelOp

  1. Download DevelOp
  2. Run the downloaded DevelOp installer
  3. Click Yes if promoted to do so
  4. Follow the installation instructions

II. Setup Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Enable sa Account Login

    • Login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode

      Start SQL Server Management Studio, choose Windows Authentication mode, and click Connect button.

    • Change SQL Server properties

      Right-click Server in Object Explorer, and go to Properties. In Server Properties window, select Security, and choose SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode. Then click OK to save changes.

    • Enable sa Account

      In Object Explorer, navigate to Security > Logins > sa. Right-click sa account, and go to Properties. In Login Properties window, set password for sa account and confirm it. Then select Status, choose Grant for Permission to connecto to database engine, and choose Enabled for *login. Then click OK to save changes.

    • Restart SQL Server Services

III. Setup TPC-H dataset

  1. Download TPC-H tools
  2. Generate Dataset

    • Install Visual Studio
    • Compile the dbgen.exe

      Go to the dbgen folder, open the tpch.sln and Build in Visual Studio. The dbgen.exe will be created under the Debug folder. Then copy the dists.dss to the Debug folder.

    • Generate Dataset

      Go to the debgen/Debug folder, run the dbgen.exe to generate 1GB of dataset. The dataset is separated in 8 .tbl files in the Debug folder, one for each of the TPC-H tables.

  3. Import Data
    • Create a database in SQL Server
    • Create tables using the dbgen/dss.ddl
    • Load data into each table from the generated .tbl files
    • Create Constraints using the dbgen/dss.ri