Quick Start Guide

DevelOp folder Structure:

Name Type Description
DevelOp Spec Examples File Folder specifications and generated optimizers folder
DevelOp Test Queries File Folder test queries folder
log File Folder error log files folder
DevelOp.exe Application the debugging and visualization tool
DevelOp_SpecGen.exe Application the specification compiler
Other folders include supporting files

Use the debugging and visualization tool

  1. Launch the application

    Right-click the DevelOp.exe, and click Run as administrator. Then click Yes if promoted to do so.

  2. Select Database

    Choose File > Select DB. In the DB Connector window, enter the parameters for Database connection:

    Parameter Description Default Value
    DB Host The host name for the Database server localHost
    DB Port The port number the server is listening on 1433
    DB Name The database name TPCH_1
    User ID The database user sa
    Password The database user's password develop
  3. Load the provided query optimizer

    Choose File > Load Optimizer. In the file chooser window, select the optimizer folder QueryOptimizer.

  4. Load a testing query

    1. If this is the 1st time you test this query, you need to run it in the SQL Server Management Studio to get statistics.
    2. Choose File > Load Query. In the file chooser window, select the query file TPCH2Modified.sql.

  5. Run the optimization

    Choose Run > Run > Breadth-first to run the optimization of the input query using provided optimizer.

  6. Check the output

    • The Derivation Map panel: shows the optimization trace. The root node denotes the input join graph. Other derivation nodes denote generated intermediate join graphs.
    • The Join Graph panel: by clicking a derivation node in the derivation map, you can check the content of the corresponding join graph in this panel.
    • The Plans panel: by clicking the nodes in join graphs, you can check the generated logical and physical plans for that node.