Elizabeth Gifford
egifford at brandeis dot edu

Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.   - James M. Barrie
Vision Lab
Honors Thesis

I've graduated, so my website has moved away from the Brandeis servers! To keep up with my current work and roundabouts, check my personal site: BlackTabi

I completed both my bachelor's (2006) and master's (2007) degrees at Brandeis University in the Computer Science Department. I am also interested in Neuroscience, so I spent a good deal of time during my undergraduate career in Neuro classes in addition to my CS classload. My research history at Brandeis is recorded in the pages linked on the left.

I worked in the Vision and Memory Lab here at Brandeis for two years (see Vision Lab link), and then worked on a joint project between my computer science lab and a neurobiology lab on campus (NeuroVis). My honors thesis research was conducted in said lab, and completed in May 2006, after which I continued to extend my research in the same lab during my graduate career.



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