Welcome to JMT's web page!

             Below are some links to work I'm doing. I'm doing an independant study with Professor Tim Hickey this semester. My project involves learning how to use Blender, and developing introductory tutorials for that program.

           What is Blender? Blender is an open source 3D image and animation design tool, similar to the Maya program, which runs on a Python language platform. Downloading Blender is easy, because it takes up so little space. The downside is that there aren't any walk-through tutorials included, like you might find with Flash or Maya, so a first-time user will find it difficult to figure out what to do or where to start.

            I myself have never used the program before this semester, and as a first time user, I'm logging my experiences and findings to eventually be able to compose a comprehensive step-by-step Start-Up Tutorial for any first time users like me. There are many tutorials on the Blender Web Page, but most of them assume the user has experience with the program, and they tell you to do steps you might not know how to do. My hope is to clear that up.

            Below are the links to my syllabus for the remainder of the semester, and a list of the tutorials I'm writing and reviewing. These links will change as my work progresses.


                       »Here is my Syllabus for the Independant Study :    Blender plans
                       »Here is a list of the Blender Hotkeys I learned and have become dependant on:   Blender Hotkeys
                       »Here is a page with the results and reviews of various Blender Tutorials:   Tutorials

Here's one of my favorite Blender projects :)