Hillside Tutorial

This was a very fun project. Mr_Bob did a nice job writing it.

Again, here's what he got.

Here's what I got.

Oh, man! Doesn't this look like something out of a video game???
SO AwEsOmE!!

            I didn't have the internet for this one, so I used the paint program to make a patch of grass for this hill. The tutorial provides a really nice picture for the grass texture. My picture is just some green with darker green spray painted on. Texture mapping in Blender is wonderful. If you switch back and forth between the texture menu (the little landscape drawing button that appears in the new line of buttons you get when you make a new texture) and the Shading menu (F5), you can color and shape your texture however you like.

            I suggest playing around with the buttons. Find the "Map Input" button at the far right of your texture menu options. Click it. Change between sphere, flat and everything there. See what you get each time. Play around with the RGB values of your shading colors (F5), see how it changes the color of your textures. Go forth and explore!