Subsurf Modelling

          This tutorial was just as well written as the Snow Scene tutorial, and it helps that the same person wrote both!!

Here's what he got.

Here's what I got.

    By this time, I'd finished the winter scene, and had carefully devoted some study to the exectution of this tutorial, so I sort of went overboard. I wanted to do the seaweed like DuskBlue had, and it didn't look real enough, so I started making different versions. And in different colors. Flattening here, scaling there. Not to mention getting to know "SHIFT d" really well.

    Then I started wondering how he made the ground of his ocean so nice, so I tried that. I didn't know much about texture mapping at the time, so that didn't work out too well.

    Then I starting thinking "man, that poor octopus sure looks bored." So I gave him something to look at. That's a day of my life I won't get back. Who knew gold would be so hard to make!

    But then he looked lonely. So I decided to make him a friend.

    What a way to learn about textures! And layers. Layers are new.

    Finally, I played around with lights. I ended up making two spotlights. (see the first tutorial for more info on this)

    Anyway, this was the final result.

    The Blender file for this is huge!

    But there is something I learned: Textures. Textures are the next frontier!!