Blender Hotkeys

     Here is a list of all the hotkeys in blender that I have discovered so far. Please note that I only listed the keys that I used so far and that I am still learning.

     These are the keys I use almost all the time. For a complete list of other keys, see page 4 of the Blender Basics Classroom Tutorial Book by James Chronister.

			Blender Hotkeys and Functions

alt+LMB+move using the mouse, moves the main
plane around for viewing ease

(The Numlock
0 moves you to the camera view,
where you see what the camera sees.

1 moves you to the frontview,
where you see directly down the y axis

2 moves you down,
looking at origin

3 moves you to the sideview,
where you see directly down the x axis

4 moves you to the left,
while still facing you towards the origin

5 moves between the orthogonal and
perspective views. kind of useless.

6 moves you to the right,
while still facing the origin

7 moves you to the top view,
where you see directly down the z axis

8 moves you up, while facing origin

no function (in case you were wondering)

. puts you at the origin

ENTER brings you very close to your
selected object

+/scroll in zooms in forward

-/scroll out zooms out backward

* zoom in close to side of
selected object

/ zoom in facing object

NOTE: you must press 5, *, /, and . again
to get back to where you came from,
and to see the lights and camera again.

x deletes whatever is highlighted

SPACEBAR bring up menu from which you can add
objects, or manipulate existing ones

a in editmode and object mode,
selects or de-selects all

TAB Switches between object mode and edit mode

b -- also can be found in object menu,
it brings up box selector that you can
use to draw a box (with the LMB) around
object or points you want
-- hit B again to get a selector cirle,
which you can adjust the size of using
the scrolling or +/- keys
-- make sure your object turns pink if
in object mode, or your verticies turn
yellow in edit mode

RMB quickselects an object (if in obj mode)
or a point (if in edit mode)

SHIFT when selecting stuff, doesn't de-select
what you have so far, but adds whatever
you select while holding shift down

g - lets you grab a selected object or vertex
 and move it around
- left click to release

s - lets you scale your object move your mouse
to and from the object center to change size
- left click to release

r lets you rotate object
~ hit x immediately after hitting R
 to rotate around x axis
~ hit y immediately after hitting R
to rotate around y axis
~ hit z immediately after hitting R
 to rotate around z axis
left click to release each time

CNTRL l(letter) in edit mode, selects the link vertices
of an object which has at least one point
 selected already

SHIFT d while in object mode only, duplicates
an already selected object

CNTRL j while in object mode only, links the
 vertices of two or more selected objects
(This means the objects will move and
act as one)

f while in Edit mode, draw an edge between
 two already selected points

SHIFT f for a nonstandard object, draw lines
between the vertices to give it physical
substance for purposes of drawing materials
or mapping textures onto it

z makes the objects appear solid in the
viewing plane

e extrudes selected vertices - meaning
 it makes copies of them, and gives them
 to you linked to the originals
(Great key when making a new shape
with the intent to use subsurfing)

w in edit mode, subdivides the space in
 between highlighted vertices

m moves an object selected in object
mode to a layer of the user's choosing
 based on a menu that pops up

i insert keyframe for selected object

F9 switch to editing menu

F5 switch to shading menu

F10 switch to scene menu

F1 save file as

F2 open file

These keys are listed in the order (more or less)
  of frequency with which I use them.