Eyeball Tutorial, Part 1

This was a cool tutorial. At first, I thought it would be complicated. If you look at the other tutorials on the same web page, they're a little tough for newbies to chew through. But after doing the previous 4 or 5 tutorials I got up here, you should be ok with adding a sphere, switching to edr vertices. The materials and colors are all up to you, but they do tell you how to texture map the pupil.

The sequels to this tutorial promise to shape the eye with the lattice, and then to show you how to animate it. As soon as they come up, I'll be on them like white on rice, and you'll see the updates to this web page.

Meanwhile, here's what they got.

And here's what I got. Yes yes. Bloodthirsty, I know.

Oh, and for those of you (like me) with slight OCD problems, who are wondering "Why don't you set it to 3 vertices? and make the whole thing look nice and smooth???!!!", I have to say "Relax! If you're making a cartoon character with these eyes in the head, it's more work for Blender to keep track of 32 vertices than the 16 they make you start with." Think about how tiny the eye is going to be in relation to the rest of your character!