Simple Winter Scene

        Again, I thought DuskBlue did an awesome job writing this tutorial. It was clear and concise.

Here is what he got.

Here is what I got.

        If you've taken my advice about playing around with blender, you know by now that there are some steps that you could do a couple different ways. Hopefully, if you're like me, this tutorial sent your mind wandering into ideas that prompted you to try to make the tops of the trees all snowy (which came out ugly), or try to see if you could link the vertices of the tree together (which texture mapped the image given across all the cones instead of each one) or try to mess around with the light source (which I did. I turned it into a sun, and that's why my picture is so bright. I even changed the colors, which was fun.), or to make arms like twigs out of cyllinders (which I was too lazy to try, but which I bet I could do).

        Here's a question for you: Have you played around with the world settings yet? If you have, I bet you had fun. If not, don't worry. Give it a couple tutorials.