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System Requirements

Make sure your system meets the system requirements.

First use the Data Generation tools to generate data for the benchmark, then implement the benchmark using the Data Driver to get the data as it becomes available, then when the benchmark finishes, use the Validator tool to check if the results your system generated are correct and if they met the benchmark response time constraints.

Data Generator

MITSIMLab is a simulation-based laboratory that was developed for evaluating the impacts of alternative traffic management system designs at the operational level and assisting in subsequent refinement. Examples of systems that can be evaluated with MITSIMLab include advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) and route guidance systesms.

Data Driver

These tools process the data so it is ready to be uploaded to a Stream Data Management System after MITSIM creates it.


After the Stream Data Management System completes the Benchmark Test, the Validation Tools will verify that it answered the queries correctly while also meeting the time requirements.

Linear Road: A Stream Data Management Benchmark

Arvind Arasu, Mitch Cherniack, Eduardo Galvez, David Maier, Anurag Maskey, Esther Ryvkina, Michael Stonebraker and Richard Tibbetts, Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), August, 2004. (download pdf)