This page lists possible half-mast Israeli flag designs to add to your web page. We suggest that you link the graphic to the Of Blessed Memory main page. To do so without having to download an image just insert the following HTML:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" border=0></A>

Note the you can remove the border=0 if you want the link border to show up on your page, and you can change the filename to correspond to any of the below graphics. If you want to download the image and place it on your site locally, just change the SRC to correspond to the file location.

To download an image, if you have Netscape 2.0 or Internet Explorer 2.0, you should just click on an image below and select the option to save the image from the resulting pop-up menu.

The other way to download the image is to click on the image, loading it into it's own page. Then just select Save from the menu.

(Optimized for a white or light background)

(Optimized for a black or dark background)




If you would like to submit a new graphic file to be used for this cause, please e-mail for instructions on how to submit new material.

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