2004-2005 Academic Activity Report

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Name: Timothy J Hickey
Department: Computer Science


Instructional Activities

  A.  The courses you taught during the current year are listed below.

The information below comes from the Registrar. If any information here is not correct, please contact the Registrar immediately.
Spring Semester 2005INTERNSHIP & ANALYSISINET 92B 11
Fall Semester 2004INTERNSHIP & ANALYSISINET 92A 12
Spring Semester 2005SENIOR RESEARCHCOSI 99D 11
Fall Semester 2004SENIOR RESEARCHCOSI 99D 11
Spring Semester 2005INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 98B 12
Fall Semester 2004INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 98A 16
Spring Semester 2005INTERNET AND SOCIETYCOSI ! 33B 145
Spring Semester 2005MASTERS PROJECTCOSI 300B 11
Fall Semester 2004INTRO TO COMPUTERSCOSI 2A 186
Spring Semester 2005INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 210A 71
Spring Semester 2005INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 210A 132
Spring Semester 2005INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 210A 121
Fall Semester 2004INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 210A 122
Fall Semester 2004INDEPENDENT STUDYCOSI 210A 12
  B.  Please specify which courses contributed to interdepartmental programs. For team-taught courses, provide details of your specific responsibilities. If applicable, discuss new courses created, new pedigogical materials and techniques, and supervision of teaching assistants. Course syllabi and relevant course materials may be sent as attachments when the completed activity report is submitted. [ edit ]

Contributions to Interdepartmental programs:
Cs2a, CS33b, INET92

We are developing new pedagogical techniques based on the GrewpEdit
tool http://groupscheme.sf.net/grewpedit

I supervised TAs in both CS2a and CS33b.

The CS33b curriculum was completely revised this year to reflect current
developments (especially recent work on Commons Based Peer Production
and related issues/concepts).
  C.  Describe your involvement in the direction of reading courses, theses, dissertations, and other student research projects (undergraduate and graduate). [ edit ]

  Completed PhDs
My student David Wittenberg completed his PhD dissertation last Spring.

PhDs in process:

Kenroy Granville -- I've advised him on his dissertation research
and we have published one paper together with another two in the works.

John Langton -- We published one joint paper last year and I am working
with him on a Bioinformatics project for which we are seeking NSF/NIH funding in a joint grant with Eve Marder and her former student Astrid Prinz.
We are working on one joint paper.

Masters, Undergraduates, and Post-bacs
1 senior honors thesis on the compilation of JScheme
Fall 2004
I sponsored several independent research projects
including 3 projects on 3D graphics, four on web programmming,
two internships for Internet Studies students, and a few others
(Scripting Languages for Collaborative Games, APIs for Sensor networks)
Spring 2005
Several 3d Graphics cou! rses
An INET internship
An independent study on networked game technology
Details for many of these projects are available on my web page.

  D.  Your undergraduate advisees are listed below. This information comes from the Registrar. If any information here is not correct, please contact the Registrar immediately.

First Year StudentsOther Undergraduates

Please add any graduate student advisees, and comment on other relevant advising and/or interactions with students outside the classroom. List the times and days of your scheduled office hours. [ edit ]

  These vary every week so as to not block off students who
have classes during my office hours.

Also, I\'m available by appointment and drop in.


Publications, Research, and Artistic Creations

  A.  The publications listed below are from March 2004 to the present, and originate from your online faculty guide page. Please be sure to include manuscript(s) accepted for publication. In the creative arts, please list and describe artistic current and creations, performances or exhibitions. [ edit/update ]

Rigorous Modeling of Hybrid Systems using Interval Arithmetic Constraints2004HSCC04
Scheme-based Web Programming as a Basis for a CS0 Curriculum2004SIGCSE04, ACM Press
A Scheme-based Web Programming Approach to Computer Literacy2004Journal of Functional Programming
Grouware (an article in a the Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction)2004Berkshire publishers
Enhancing CS Programming Lab Courses using Collaborative Editors2004CCSCE04
Integrating Tools and Resources: a case study in building educational groupware for collaborative programming2004CCSCNE0! 4
Using Analytic CLP to Model and Analyze Hybrid Systems2004FLAIRS 2004

  B.  For ongoing work, please describe progress made since the last activities report (e.g. chapters completed). Be as specific as possible. Please add manuscript(s) submitted for publication. In the creative arts, please list and describe artistic current and forthcoming creations, performances or exhibitions. [ edit ]

  Papers submitted:
* Collaborative Learners: how much do they probe beneath the surface,
with Prof. Alterman and Svetlena Taneva, submitted to a conference

Ongoing work -- I'm working on
* a Neuroscience paper with Dr. Eve Marder's Lab on the use of
dimension stacking visualizations to understand the behavior of single
neurons in terms of their maximal conductances
* a Visualization paper covering the Computer Science aspects
of the same problem
* a paper about the GrewpEdit system developed by my PhD student
Kenroy Granville
* a paper about the effectiveness of online TA sessions with
a PhD student Svetlena Taneva
  C.  Describe any research or professional involvement with university research centers or institutes, including administrative roles. [ edit ]




Detail your participation in Department, Program and University activities. Department: service on committees, administrative tasks, etc.; Interdepartmental programs: service on committees, administrative tasks, etc; University: service on committees, administrative tasks, involvement in student activities, panel presentations, fund-raising, etc. [ edit ]

From DateTo DateDescription
3/043/05University Advisory Committee
3/043/05TYP Faculty Advisory Committee
1/053/05Davis Foundation Experiential Learning Committee
3/043/05Chair of Computer Science
3/043/05Chair of Internet Studies
3/043/05Undergraduate Advising Head for Computer Science



Current grants activities as recorded by Sponsored Programs Accounting for the period March 1, 2004 through March 12, 2005 are listed below. If any of the information is incorrect, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting immediately.

Funder / SponsorProject Description / NameStart DateEnd Date
National Science FoundationITR:/GROUPWARE-MED09-15-200008-31-2004
Grant Applications:
National Science Foundation,
Collaborative Research: Visualization and Analysis of High Dimensional
Neural Systems
$684,297 for 36 months, starting 6/1/2005
with Prof. Eve Marder in Neuroscience and Prof Astrid Prinz at Emory Univ.

List grant applications, renewals, and awards from March 2004 to the present. Include granting agency, title of project, period of grant, and total amount. [ edit ]


Awards and Honors

List awards and honors received since March 2004 to the present. [ edit/update ]


Intellectual Property

List any inventions, patent applications, patents, copyright, software, maskworks, and any other intellectual property that is or may be patentable which you have conceived or reduced to practice, individually or jointly with others, during the period of March 2004 to present. [ edit ]


Professional Activities Outside the University

Faculty with one term appointments only need not complete this section.

List and/or describe lectures given, involvement in professional societies, legislative testimony, etc. [ edit ]


Work Outside the University

*(The relevant portions of the Faculty Handbook are appended below.)

Faculty with one term appointments only need not complete this section.

  A.  List courses taught at other institutions for which you received payment (March 2004 to present). Please provide name of institution, term, course(s) taught, days and hours per week. [ edit ]

  B.  List any and all other employment, and/or consultant arrangements, that you have outside of Brandeis (March 2004 to present). Please provide name of company, corporation or institution, and append summaries of relevant parts of contracts, letters of appointment or consulting agreements. Do any of these arrangements provide present or future equity interest possibilities to you and do you receive any research support from any of these organizations? [ edit ]

  C.  List management or fiduciary activities in which you have a role as an officer, director, trustee, supervisor, or founder with respect to any corporation, organization, or group. [ edit ]

  D.  List any intellectual property which has been developed outside of Brandeis University during the period of March 2004 to present, and describe its current status. [ edit ]


Please feel free to provide any other information relevant to your 2004-2005 activities and contributions to the University. [ edit ]


*Faculty Handbook (III.C.2.)

  f.  professional activities outside the university

  i.  Although a specific work week is not defined for faculty members with full-time appointments, it is expected that such appointments constitute a full-time obligation and that, with the exceptions explicitly permitted by university policies on consulting and other related professional activities, full-time faculty will not engage in other employment during the academic year. The external activities of faculty members must be consistent with university policies, including its policies on conflicts of interest.

  ii.  Faculty members must obtain the approval of the Dean prior to undertaking any significant external activity. This includes all commitments of an ongoing nature, as well as any one-time commitment involving an extended absence from the university. Faculty will consult with their department chair to determine whether an outside commitment is exempt from approval by the Dean. Department chairs are expected to consult with the Dean when in doubt about such activity.

  iii.  Outside employment requires written approval of the Provost.

  iv.  No tenured member of the faculty may hold tenure at another institution simultaneously.

  v.  Faculty who hold part-time appointments may have outside obligations and commitments. Part-time faculty are expected to evaluate and arrange their external commitments in order to avoid compromising their ability to carry out their obligations to the university.

  vi.  All faculty will file an annual disclosure form with the university detailing all significant external activities during the previous year, including any activities that may be ongoing.