HW4: creating an application

Due: Wednesday 11/21/2001
[8 points]

The purpose of this homework is to give you experience using many of the JLIB components, containers, and procedures. Your applet can "do" anything you want as long as it contains all of the required elements listed below in the precise grading guide. Some examples are:

Since everyone can look at everyone else's web pages (and this is encouraged), you should try to be creative in your applet. If you do decide to use any ideas you got from someone elses website, we are asking you to provide a link to that website.

Tools for developing your program:

Note: you can look at other peoples applets to get ideas, but "do not copy their code." A good rule of thumb is to take a 10-15 minute break after looking at someone elses homework before you work on your own applet. Also, do not make a machine copy (i.e. cut and paste) of another student's homework. You can also look at the applets that students have submitted in past years, ( Sum01 Aut00 Sum00 Aut99, Aut98) but be aware that they were using a different version of Scheme, and their homework assignment was somewhat different. So their programs will not work with the current Scheme interpreter and would not receive full credit for the Aut00 CS2a hw4 anyway.

Precise specification of the Homework

  1. [3.0 pts] Components. The homework should contain at least one of each of the following components:
  2. [2.5 pts] Actions
  3. [2.5 pts] Layouts. You should use each of the layout operators

    Important Note: If you build your applet by looking at someone else's program and using some of their ideas, then you need to explicitly reference them (give their name and a link to their applet). You will only be given credit for those parts of your program which are different from the ones that you cite.

    Sample programs to look at and run

    View all demos at once

    Submitting your homework

    Lift your homework to the server and name it hw4.applet. Include a link from your hw4.html page to the hw4.applet page. The hw4.applet page should contain links to the pages you have used when building your own applet.