Exam1 makeup homework

Due December 7th, 1999 at midnight.

This will be graded out of 8 points. When you have completed this makeup homework and want it graded, send email to

with the subject
  Please Grade Ex1 for .......
where ..... is your name. I will grade it and update your grade on the grade web page. It will be graded only once, using the grading guide below. There will be no regrades.

  1. To get 4 points , you must do the following

  2. To get the next 4 points, you must
    Modify the ex1.a file so that it writes your three initials (first, middle, last) and upload it to (the ex1 folder in) your unet account. If you only have two intials, then makeup a third!

  3. Extra Credit: To get an extra 1 points, (which means winning back an extra 1/8 of your lost points), you must
    Modify ex1.a so that it uses a loop to write your initials 10 times, one below the next, and upload it to (the ex1 folder in) your unet account For example, a simple countdown loop, to count from 10 to 1 would be written as follows:
      (loadI 10 R10)        ;; first we initialize R10,R11,R12
      (loadI 1  R11)
      (loadI 0  R12)
      loop                  ;; this marks the start of the loop, it will disappear after assembly
                            ;; NOTE: there are no parentheses around "loop"
                            ;; in here we could put instruction that depend on R10
      (sub R10 R11 R10)     ;; here we subtract 1 from R10
      (jumpLT R12 R10 loop) ;; and as long as R10 > 0 we jump back to the loop
                            ;; NOTE: we use the name "loop" in the code, not a line number
                            ;; during assembly this is replaced with a line number
      (halt)                ;; otherwise we halt
    The other jump instructions are "jump", "jumpEQ", and "jumpLE".

How this affects your grade

Suppose your grade on the midterm was Y/33 and you lost Z/33, (so Y+Z=33). If you get X/10 points on this makeup homework, then we will add (1/2)*Z*(X/10) points to your raw course score. So if you get 10/10 your get 1/2 of your points back.

The following applet will compute your score (The source code is here)

You need a Java enabled browser to view this applet.