CS210b/Spr03 -- 3D Graphics


Look here for some sample projects.

OpenGL version of GREWP tool: GLGREWP.jar


The GEWT-recordings of our lectures are available here. To view them you need to download this jar file, GEWT.jar, or GREWP.jar, double click on it and select the "run VCR" item from the Options menu.
  1. 1/22/03:
  2. 1/29/03: JScheme and the jlib/Swing.scm windowing toolkit
  3. 2/05/03: The java.awt.Graphics class and 2D translations
  4. 2/12/03: Threads and synchronize/wait/notify, Shape class in Graphics2D See the programs 2dlib.scm and 2dlibdemo.scm in this directory. We will discuss these programs and then have you extend them.
  5. 2/19/03: 2D Transformations and matrices, scene graphs, intro to 3D graphics
  6. 2/26/03: 3D graphics Transformations
  7. 3/12/03: Lighting Models: Reading -- Ch1,2 (pp. 1-60) of the OpenGL 1.4 Specification
    Also see demo program, demo1c.scm, rewritten to use call lists and to respond to key events with changes in perspective: (here)
  8. 4/3/2003: lighting and camera motion demos. In particular, see lightdemo3.scm.


  1. Jscheme homepage
  2. Scheme
  3. GL4Java
  4. Gl4Java on MacOSX
  5. Java 1.4 API, especially
  6. George Corliss's referencs for his Computer Graphics course
  7. OpenGL documentation (downloadable HTML)
  8. Image Processing Library from NIH
  9. list of java libraries for reading/writing images