HW1: publishing a Web page

Due: Wed 6/19/02 in class
[10 points]

For this homework you are to create and publish five web pages.

The Webpages you must create are:
cs2a.html, hw1.html, hw2.html, hw3.html, hw4.html

These pages must meet the following criteria:

Do not create a file called index.html in your cs2a folder as this will make it difficult for the graders to see what files are in your folder.

Uploading your files

You should upload your files to the class server using the TATool as will be described in class.


  1. interactive HTML tools
  2. HTML Tag lists
  3. HTML Specifications
  4. A Touch of Styel by Dave Raggett, one of the designers of HTML, CSS, etc.
  5. CSS references
  6. CSS Specifications