This is an early release of the jar file. More details to follow.
  1. There are two ways to download and run the TATool

  2. This brings up a registration window. Select a username (you should use your unetid if you have one) and click the "register" button. This brings up a buddylist of all TATool users connected to the tat registrar.
    You can create your own local registrar using the "start-new-registrar" menu item under the "Options" menu, and you can select a local registrar to use with the "select registrar" menuitem. If nothing happens when you click "register", then the registrar might be down so you'll need to create and use local ones. It is a good idea to use the full network address (not when selecting the registrar. Using the localhost address will make your TATool client visible only to other localhosts. (NOTE: in a classroom situation, all of this registrar selection can be hardwired in and a fixed class registrar can be set up).

  3. Click on the name of TATool user, and select "ask for help," this will create a student window connected to the TAs ta-window. Now you can load files and discuss the file line by line with the TA. You can also use a shared whiteboard and a simple Chat window