Unimog-S 404 Camper Conversion

If you are converting a 404 into a camper, here is the way to do it:
  1. Optional, but highly recomended - if you have the radio box model, replace the steel radio box with aluminum for great weight savings. You can either build a new box from aluminum or just replace the steel skin.
  2. Find the pop-up camper off an old VW bus. (You can buy a new one for about $600) These fit almost exactly to the roof of a mog. I put mine on in one day with the help of a friend.
  3. Put a large (~20 gal) propane tank where the old gas heater used to be. The existing tray works great for mounting.
  4. Custom build the interior to your desire. (be careful: the floor in mine was far from level.)
Description originally from Luke Miller.

Also see Brad Besley's Unimog-S 404 radio box restoration, a photo documentation of the entire project.

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Last update: 19 Apr 2007. Cleaned up text.

Patrick Tufts