Brandeis hosts David Waltz Symposium

Artificial Intelligence luminaries from across the nation gathered at Brandeis on Sunday Sept 23 to honor David Waltz, who was a professor at Brandeis from 1984-1993 and who passed away in March from cancer. Organized by Prof. Jordan Pollack with sponsorship from Brandeis, AAAI, and Ab Initio Software, the day long event featured keynotes and panels from 6 different phases of Waltz’s career reflecting on his work and his leadership. A complete schedule follows the break, and when video of the event is available it will link from here.

8:00 AM Registration opens [BAGELS & PASTRY]

9:00-9:15 Opening Remarks

MIT AI Lab period, 1961-1972
Keynote:  Patrick Winston, introduced by Rodney Brooks
Core memory: Gerald Sussman, Eugene Charniak, Andee Rubin, Drew McDermott, Eugene Freuder, moderated by Edwina Rissland.


11-12:15 PM
Illinois Period, 1973-1984
Keynote: Narendra Ahuja, introduced by Pengyu Hong
Illiac Drum Memory: Tony Maddox, Ray Mooney, Tim Finin, Dick Gabriel, moderated by Gerald DeJong

12:15-1:25PM LUNCH

1:25 PM Special Guest: Marvin Minsky, introduced represented by Douglas Riecken

1:45-2:45 PM
Brandeis Period: 1984-2002
Keynote: James Pustejovsky, Introduced by Scott Waterman
Memory Based Panel: Xiru Zhang, Ron Sun, Evangelos Simoudis, Patrick Tufts, moderated by Rick Alterman.

2:45-3:45 PM
Thinking Machines Period, 1984-1993
Keynote: Jill Mesirov, introduced by Xiru Zhang
Parallel Memory Array: Craig Stanfill, Jena Jordahl, Kurt Thearling, Stephen Smith, moderated by Brij Masand.


4-5 PM
Columbia CLS Period 2003-2012
Keynote: Rebecca Passonneau, introduced by Kathy McKeown
Memory Boosting: Cynthia Rudin, Vladimir Vapnik, Albert Boulanger, Claire Monteleoni, moderated by Douglas Riecken.

AAAI President, 1997-1999
Presidential Memoirs: Barbara Grosz, Tom Mitchell, Bruce Buchanan, Randall Davis, moderated by Manuela Veloso.

5:30 PM Dessert Reception sponsored by Ab Initio

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