Wiki-Mediated collaborative Learning:

Research develops wiki-based educational platform, called the Wiki Design Platform (WDP),. address the limitations with current wiki technology. The centerpiece of the platform is the wiki. Additional components that add or improve functionality are layered on top so as to make the WDP especially suitable for educational domains of collaboration. Research focuses on the components that facilitate awareness/navigation, communication, scaffolding for learning activities, and tools that support the analysis on transcripts of the online activity.

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Johann Larusson

Brian Krisler

An Embodied Approach to Achieving Mastery and Learning While You Work:

When a professional achieves mastery of technology, she develops a comprehensive understanding of that technology, allowing her to more productively and efficiently accomplish the tasks required to achieve her goals.  The development of mastery is a problem of skill acquisition that requires both situated awareness and proper concept grounding.  research introduces a training method that helps increase technology specific skills by automatically generating task specific learning events that are introduced into the flow of the activity.  Thus as the professional engages in her computer-mediated work activities she gradually gains mastery of the articulation work required to perform her job, reducing her overall cognitive load.  An initial study provides evidence for the utility of this approach to training and skill acquisition. The theoretical model that underlies this research depends on a characterization of cognition as both situated and embodied

Details, Publications, & Downloads

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