I am a Professor of Computer Science at Brandeis University with a joint appointment in the Volen Center for Complex Systems.  My research is interdisciplinary with a strong computational basis.  Early in my career my primary focus was in AI and cognitive modeling, but since then I have worked in other areas with different methods. 

Currently my research group is doing research on engineering online collaborative Learning environment. I have also started a project on training and skill acquisition.  The research framework of my lab uses a mix of methods from different fields.  I am a long time member of the Cognitive Science community, which is my core community. The common theoretical themes of my research are planning and activity, intersubjectivity, and communication.

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Name: Rick Alterman

Title: Professor

Computer Science Dept., Volen Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 2454-9110, USA

Contact: (781) 736-2703 ALTERMAN@CS.BRANDEIS.EDU

REsearch Style: Interdisciplinary with a strong computational basis

Research Themes: Planning & Activity; intersubjectivity; communication; COmputer-mediated Collaboration

Current Projects: 

  1. Mastery, Training, and Skill acquisition;

  2. Wiki-mediated collaborative learning

REsearch Methods: Discourse & conversation analysis, cognitive ethnography, intelligent user interfaces, Hci, CSCW, Cognitive modeling and Engineering, user modeling, Software engineering