Ari Bader-Natal
ari @ cs.brandeis.edu
DEMO Lab, Computer Science Department
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454

Coevisualizer: Visualize coevolutionary simulations

What it is: I built the Coevisualizer framework to help design, experiment with, and visualize coevolutionary simulations. A few of these were published as part of my paper for the AAAI Fall Symposium 2005 in Washington D.C.: AAAI Technical Report FS-05-03 Coevolutionary and Coadaptive Systems (PDF). I've recently picked up development on this project again in order to simulate the effects of driving a coevolutionary process with the Teacher's Dilemma (publications forthcoming.)

In addition to the simulator itself, I've included a variety of coevolutionary algorithms, a variety of task domains (mostly numbers game variants), and a few representation choices for individuals in each domain. Also included are a number of particularly interesting sample runs (that can be re-run from the included configuration files.) No source code is provided at this time.

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Requirements: * Java 1.4 or later
Download: Download Coevisualizer now
version 2007.11.28 changelog
To Install: tar xvfz Coevisualizer_2007.11.28_16.39.tgz
To Use: cd Coevisualizer/scripts
Screenshots (click to enlarge): simulation editor allows for choosing any legal combination of algorithm, domain, and representation

views can be toggled independently

a sampling of available views

all graphs and plots can be exported as image files

Monitoring coevolutionary successes and failures

Log files are auto-generated and filed, including properties, PNG images of graphs, and relevant text files