Ari Bader-Natal
ari @ cs.brandeis.edu
DEMO Lab, Computer Science Department
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454

My research-related software

SpellBEE is a web-based peer tutoring game focused on American-English spelling. Uses: Java, AWT applets, JSP, servlets, Tomcat, Apache, PostgreSQL, JDBC, shell scripts, AJAX, Comet. Analysis uses: R, Python, SPSS, SQL
The BEEweb is a suite of web-based peer tutoring games, which currently include: SpellBEE, PatternBEE, MoneyBEE, and GeograBEE. Uses: Java, Swing applets, JSP, servlets, JBoss, Apache, PostgreSQL, JDBC, shell scripts. Analysis uses: R, Python, SPSS, SQL
Coevisualizer is research software designed to help visualizing coevolutionary simulations. Uses: Java, Swing, dot, coevolutionary algorithms.
BEEweb Status Menu monitors the presence of players in BEEweb games. Uses: AppleScript to Objective-C bridge, Applescript Studio, Mac OS X.

Non-research software - Not Maintained
Page Axe enables true data privacy in the context of personal web-based applications. Uses: OpenSSL AES-CBC, privacy, web applications, Applescript Studio, Mac OS X

Assorted Screenshots
Viewing one day of activity at SpellBEE.org
Passive status updating for BEEweb games
Choice of visualizations in Coevisualizer
Three visualizations in Coevisualizer
Auto-generated data directory for a simulation in Coevisualizer
Using Page Axe with the Backpack web application
Data visualization of a distributed sensor network