Meaning In Language Research Group (MILa)

photo by S. Malamud

Corpus of Bilingual Russian      
Child Speech      
Irina Dubinina, Assistant Professor of Russian, Director of the Russian Language Program, Brandeis University
  • Sophia Malamud, Associate Professor of Language & Linguistics, Department of Computer Science, Brandeis University

Research Assistants:
  • Kristine Foaksman, adjudication, anonymization, annotation, Brandeis
  • Emil Koenig, adjudication, annotation, Brandeis
  • Alex Luu, converting SynTagRus into a Penn Treebank-style syntactically parsed corpus of Russian, Brandeis
  • Masha Shaposhnikova, transcription, adjudication, Brandeis
  • Yan Shneyderman, adjudication, annotation, Brandeis
  • Galina Ungurianu, Russian and German transcription, Magadan, Russia

Other collaborators:
  • Keith Plaster, Lecturer in the Language & Linguistics Program, Brandeis University
  • Nianwen Xue, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science, Brandeis University


This project is supported by
A Leonardo da Vinci, EU grant to Elena Denisova-Schmidt [project BILIUM]
Theodore and Jane Norman Award, Brandeis University to Irina Dubinina
The Provost Research Grant, Brandeis University to Sophia Malamud
The Faculty Grant from the Mandel Foundation for Humanities to Sophia Malamud and Irina Dubinina


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