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My main scientific concern is the weak-consistency problematics in asynchronous environments. The related applicability field consist mainly in the design of distributed cache for groupware applications (think to cooperative editors or dream of multi-user networked simulation/games) running over high latency networks (modem, Internet).

From october 1998 to oct 1999, I was in postdoc at Brandeis University with Liuba Shrira. I was founded by the MIT as part of the Astor and ActiveNet projects. I worked, and continue to work on my spare time, on epsilon divergence control.

Here is my old page at INRIA.

I wrote very few paper papers and very few talks. I would, of course, gracefully answer to any question on this work. You could also take a look at my resume HTML, Postscript).

Beside my research, I enjoy mainly my family, the life, sailing, piano and tennis.

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