Essays by Mishka

For more than a decade, I am inventing various short stories ranging from brief presentation of philosophical and semi-scientific ideas to just dark humor, and amusing or torturing my friends with them.

Finally, Sasha Chislenko convinced me to start converting them into Web texts.

Internal Time Behaves As a Square Root of the Age of a Human. As we age, days pass faster. Here is a simple mathematical model of this phenomenon.

Evolutionary Origins of Homosexuality. We are trying to explain evolutionary functions of homosexuality via its link to the gender-specific informational component of procreation.

Singularity Is More Radical Than We Think. Implications of technological singularity analyzed from the viewpoint of physics and ethics.

Bio Sketch (AI-related aspects). A November 2012 biographical sketch describing my background and evolution of my thinking to the extent it might be of interest for the AI community.

Linear Models of Computation, Finally. At the end of 2015, we finally have a model of computation which allows us to continuously deform programs and, moreover, to represent large classes of programs by matrices of real numbers.

See also my Writings on the Science of Consciousness.

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