The text below is last edited on April 6, 1999 and is kept for historical reasons --- Mishka, April 2005.

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A weird cool kid, bi on gay side, versatile, switch, poly, anything goes from cuddling and vanilla to light or heavy BDSM, depending on your longings. Into raves, urban walks, math, computer languages, philosophy, and mixing them with love, friendship, and intimacy. Into uncompromising pursuit of happiness and creative life on the cutting edge. "Just say NO to mainstream!" Russian Libra, 34, 5'3", 120 lb, from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Looking for someone who would not be incompatible and is not afraid.

I have discovered the magic of tantric lovemaking recently. Contrary to standard misconceptions, tantra is not really about any specific techniques, but about the quality of energy, exchanged between people in love with each other (tantric vibrations can be easily felt, if one is somewhat sensitive and self-aware, and they are quite distinct), and about their ability to feel as one entity, both physically and mentally.

When tantric energy is present, it's completely mind-blowing, and frankly, lovemaking without tantra might seem a bit pale after tantric experiences...

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