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LAMBDA stands for liberation of gay people and software engineers!

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Gay Mathematicians

Internet information on gay mathematicians.

I was always fascinated by couples sharing intellectual or artistic pursuits. I do not think that straight couples sharing such pursuits are more common than gay couples doing the same, although I am not aware of any systematic studies of this phenomenon.

Math is my primary interest, and thus I am particularly interested in couples doing math together. Fortunately, we have remarkable examples of such couples, living now or in the recent past, in United States and in Soviet Union. I do not think that people who are alive should be mentioned in such context on the Web, unless they explicitly want it or unless they provide this kind of information on their own Web pages.

However, we have a remarkable example of a couple of gay mathematicians who lived together in the recent past in the Soviet Union to the extent it was possible in the society where being gay was a criminal offense, and people convicted of it often never came back. These mathematicians are Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov, who is considered to be the mathematician number one in this century by many people, and Pavel Sergeevich Aleksandrov, a well known topologist. Their mathematical achievements were recognized by their fellow mathematicians and by the Soviet officialdom - both were high-ranking members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

One day I hope to have here a home page of Kolmogorov and Aleksandrov, something like the home page of Alan Turing, another great gay mathematician, who was somewhat less lucky than Kolmogorov and Aleksandrov. This home page is maintained by Andrew Hodges, a British gay mathematician. Unfortunately, the people who know the most of the lives of Kolmogorov and Aleksandrov - the Russian mathematicians - usually retain the homophobia which is so strongly rooted in the Russian culture. They never deny this relationship, but almost always lower their voices and look very disapprovingly, as if this is something that should be hidden and never spoken of, while I, in my naivete, think that this is something to celebrate.

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