My name is Christopher Allison. I am the Systems Administrator for The Michtom School of Computer Science at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
This means that, with the help of the rest of the Computer Science Systems Operations team, I assist the faculty, students, and staff in Computer Science in using technology to accomplish their educational, research, and administrative goals.
If you are a current or prospective member of the Computer Science Department, and you require technical assistance, please:
Note that I closely monitor email and calls/voicemail to the above contact points, and endeavor to reply to all such messages in a timely manner. I only read/listen to messages sent to me directly when time and other work permits.
For a prompt reply from me, please always contact guru or x62740.
For messages sent to me directly: Expect a delayed reply.
Note: There is no need to copy me on email to guru. Our ticketing software already copies me on all mail into our out of guru, with no action required on your part.
That having been said, if you do need to contact me directly, you may do so by:
  1. Email: The first 5 letters of my first name @ C S dot Brandeis dot E D U
  2. Phone: 781 736 2740
  3. Post:
    US Mail: | Non-USPS courier services:
    Christopher Allison | Christopher Allison
    Computer Science, Mailstop 018 | Computer Science, Mailstop 018
    Brandeis University | Brandeis University
    P.O. Box 549110 | 415 South Street
    Waltham MA 02454-9110 | Waltham MA 02453-2728
  4. Visiting my Office:
    Room 125B
    The Benjamin and Mae Volen Center for Complex Systems
    Brandeis University
    Waltham, MA
I thank you in advance for your patience if I am not able to reply to messages immediately.

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