Chinese Treebank Project

The Chinese Treebank Project

Descriptions of the project:

The Chinese Treebank Project started at the IRCS of University of Pennsylvania. Later on, it moved to the CLEAR Lab the University of Colorado at Boulder. There are still two old websites for the project which are no longer actively maitained, one at PENN and another at CU. The information there is very outdated.

The development of the Chinese Treebank has been supported by DOD, NSF and DARPA TIDES, GALE and BOLT Programs. The latest release of the Chinese Treebank is CTB 9.0 and the genres covered in this release include newswire, magazine articles, broadcast news, broadcast conversations, newsgroups and weblogs, discussion forums. The corpus is currently under expansion and more genres will be included in future releases.

A semantic layer of annotation has been added to the Chinese TreeBank via the Chinese Proposition Bank Project. The latest release of the Chinese Proposition Bank is CPB 3.0, which is also released via the Linguistic Data Consortium.


Annotation guidelines for the Chinese Treebank


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This paper describes the tool that converts the phrase structure representation of the Chinese Treebank to dependency structure to generate the Chinese section of the CoNLL 2009 Share Task data. The code for the tool can be downloaded here.

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Workshops and meetings

  • 1st CLP Workshop (6-7/98), Philadelphia, USA
  • meeting during ACL-98, Montreal, Canada (8/98)
  • meeting during ICCIP-98, Beijing, China (11/98)
  • meeting during ACL-99, Maryland, USA (6/99)
  • 2nd CLP Workshop (10/00), Hong Kong, China

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