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COSI 112: Temporal Logic in Artificial Intelligence

Brandeis University
Fall 2004

Time: Tue., Fri. 10:40-12:00 pm
Location: Volen 106

Class Headline News

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Professor:James Pustejovsky
258 Volen Center,, (781) 736 2709
Office hours: TBA

TA: Jessica Littman
110 Volen Center,
Office hours: Mon. 10:00-11:30 am
                       Thurs. 1:30-3:00 pm

TA: Roser Saurí
110 Volen Center,
Office hours: Tue. 1:00-2:30 pm
                       Wed. 10:00-11:30 am

Course Description

In this course, we will cover the role that time plays in artificial intelligence and reasoning systems. Topics to be covered include: theory of temporal logic, first order temporal logics, interval temporal logics, ontologies of time, reasoning about action and change, dynamic logic, time in problem solving (diagnosis, scheduling), tense and aspect in language, semantics of tense, temporal reasoning in language, annotating time and event expressions, temporal data models, temporal query languages, temporal database systems.


TimeML Assignment

Class Slides for PA #1




(see Course Readings section above)




F, Sep 3

Why temporal reasoning is central to AI



T, Sep 7

Fundamentals of Logic: Propositional Logic



F, Sep 10

Propositional Logic #2

Class notes:
FOL - part 1
FOL - part 2
Class slides:
Natural Deduction



T, Sep 14

Predicate Logic

Class Slides:
Predicate Logic

PS #1


F, Sep 17

(No Class -- Holiday)



T, Sep 21

Predicate Logic 2/Modal Logic

Class notes:
PL Natural Deduction 1
PL Natural Deduction 2



F, Sep 24

Modal Logic/Temporal Logic #1

Class notes:
Modal Logic


PS #1

T, Sep 28

Temporal Logic #2



F, Oct 1

Ontologies of Time




T, Oct 5

Reasoning about Action and Time

PS #2(part1)


F, Oct 8

The Event Calculus

Event Calculus



T, Oct 12

Time in Problem Solving: Diagnostic Systems




F, Oct 15

The Frame Problem

PS #2(part2)

PS #2(part 1)

T, Oct 19

Tense and Language: Aspect Systems in Language



F, Oct 22

Tense and Language: Reichenbach



PS #2 (part 2)

T, Oct 26

Semantics of Aspect




F, Oct 29

In-class Exam

TimeML Assignment - See above

T, Nov 2

Presupposition and Entailment



F, Nov 5

Tense and Aspect



T, Nov 9




F, Nov 12

Temporal Databases: Temporal Data Models


TimeML Assignment

T, Nov 16

Temporal Query Languages

PA #1

F, Nov 19

Temporal Database Systems




T, Nov 23

Temporal Integrity Constraints



F, Nov 26

(No Class -- Holiday)




T, Nov 30

Implementing Temporal Constraints: Scheduling

Class slides:
Temporal Databases



F, Dec 3

Implementing Scheduling 2

Time in Database Systems



T, Dec 7

Implementing Scheduling 3



PA #1 -- extension: Dec 14

F, Dec 10

In-class Exam