CS 140a Logic Programming

Fall 2006


Course meets on Mondays and Wednesdays

Volen Center  105

3:40pm to 5pm



Instructor: Jacques Cohen

e-mail: jc [at] cs [dot] brandeis [dot] edu

Office: 259 Volen Center

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 2 - 3pm

                      or by appointment



Teaching Assistant: Keki Burjorjee

e-mail: kekib [at] cs [dot] brandeis [dot] edu

Office: 111 Volen Center

Office Hours: Mondays 2:40-3:40pm or by appointment



Weights for Grades

Homework  1/3

Midterm  1/3

Final Project  1/3


Books on Reserve at Science Library


Recommended Text


PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence by Bratko

Addison-Wesley, latest edition.


Other Texts


The Art of Prolog, by Shapiro and Sterling

MIT Press latest edition


Programming in Prolog, by Clocksin and Mellish

4th edition Springer Verlag


Programming with Constraints by Marriot and Stuckey

MIT Press, latest edition


Constraint Languages

Additional References to Chapter 14 in Bratko's book




Some interesting URLs

Course wiki

Site for downloading Sicstus Prolog


Prolog Bratko



Constraints Stuckey



NLP in Prolog



Prolog and AI Course Material Belgium



Suggested Links for Class Project

99 Prolog Problems


Interesting Prolog Examples


Class Materials and Slides

Describing Prolog by Interpretation, by J. Cohen, CACM Dec 1985


The Midterm will be on Oct 25th. The scope of this test will be all the material covered so far. There will be an in-class review of the material on Oct 18th.

Midterm Questions


Project Presentation Dates

Instructions For Submitting Assignments

Machine Assignments
Machine Assignment #1

Machine Assignment #2
Machine Assignment #3
Machine Assignment #4  (Useful Paper - Parsing and Compiling Using Prolog, Cohen & Hickey)

Machine Assignment #5  (Due Nov 6th)  (Hints)

Machine Assignment #6  (Due Mon Nov 13th)

Homework Assignements

Homework Assignement #a