CS147a: Distributed Systems

Spring 2018

Instructor: Liuba Shrira

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Assignments and Grades

Example past Projects

Textbook and readings

    • Readings for CS147a, a set of papers that will be distributed during the semester.
    • Optional:
    • G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore, and T. Kindberg. Distributed Systems, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2001. (ISBN 0201-619-180
    • Andrew S. Tannenbaum and Maarten vn Steen Distributed Systems, Prentice-Hall, 2002. (ISBN 0-13-0888933-1)

Class meetings

    Class   Tue, Fri 11am-12:20pm  Volen Rm 101, or TBD


Office hours

    Liuba Shrira : Flexible, send me e-mail to schedule.

    Nikos Tsikudis: TBD


Thanks to Frans Kaashoek and Robert Morris for help with the course materials.

Students with Disabilities:

    If you are a student with a documented disability on record at Brandeis University and wish to have a reasonable accommodation made for you in this class, please see me immediately.

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