CS215 - Human-Centered Computing

Fall '01

Professor: Richard Alterman

TI: Alex Feinman (email me: cs215@cs.brandeis.edu)
Office: Volen 110

Conversation Analysis assignment

The segments, and instructions, are now available. The assignment is due Tuesday, Oct 23rd, in class.


Class Date Readings (and links to notes)
  • Joint Activities (Clark)
  • WYSIWYS Revisited (Stefik et al.) (notes: PowerPoint)
  • {recommended: Why CSCW Applications Fail (Grudin)}
  • {recommended: Groupware: Some Issues and Experiences (Ellis et al.)}
Thu 9/20/01*
6:30-9:30 pm
  • Design for Conversation: Lessons from Cognoter (Tater et al.) -- Alex Feinman (notes: HTML or PowerPoint)
  • Findings from observational studies of collaborative work (Tang) -- John Langton (notes: HTML)
  • Co-ordinating Activity: An analysis of interaction in CSCW (Whittaker et al.) -- Michael R. Head (notes: HTML)
  • {recommended: A Use of Drawing Surfaces in Different Collaborative Settings (Bly)}
9/25/01 Panel (Examples of Groupware Systems)
  • Learning to Write (Neuwirth and Wojahn) -- Jacobo Kligman (notes: Powerpoint or HTML)
  • Design and Use of a Group Editor (Ellis et al.) -- Aaron Macks (notes: HTML)
  • Issues and Experiences Designing and Implementing Two Group Drawing Tools (Greenberg et al.) -- Michael Alex (notes: HTML)
  • Electronic Group Calendaring: Experiences and Expectations (Lange) -- David Brooks (notes: PowerPoint or HTML)
  • Computer Systems and the Design of Organizational Interaction (Flores et al.) -- Josh Introne (notes: PowerPoint)
  • The Information Lens (Malone et al.) -- Manor Lev-Tov (notes: HTML)
  • Babble (Bradner et al.) -- Bharat Bommuluri (notes: HTML)
no class 10/2/01 will be rescheduled
Mon 10/8/01* Brandeis Tuesday:
  • Shared Workspaces: How Do They Work and When Are They Useful? (Whittaker et al.) -- Paaras Kumar (notes: HTML)
  • Board Meetings (Whittaker and Schwarz) -- Victoria Alesker (notes: HTML)
  • Social Science and Conversational Analysis - Chapter 6: Conversational Analysis (Sacks) -- Eddie Galvez (notes: HTML)
  • Doing Conversational Analysis - Chapter 6: Analytic Strategies (ten Have) -- Marina Zlatkina (notes: HTML)
  • Doing Conversational Analysis - Chapter 8: Applied CA: Institutional Interaction (ten Have) -- John Langton (notes: HTML)
  • Understanding Practice: Video as a Medium for Reflection and Design (Suchman and Trigg) -- Seth Landsman (notes: pending)
  • Coordination of Talk; Coordination of Action (Alterman et al.)
  • Convention in Joint Activity (Alterman et al.)
Friday 11/2/01 Brandeis Tuesday:
  • Twinkling Lights and Nested Loops (Nardi) -- Vidian Tolka (notes: pending)
  • Liveboard: A large interactive display supporting... (Elrod) -- David Brooks and Eddie Galvez (presentation: HTML and notes: Word)
  • Joint Attention and Co-Construction (Raeithel) -- Alex Feinman (presentation: HTML)
  • Ethnographic Workflow Analysis (Fafchamps) -- Michael Alex and Aaron Marks (notes: HTML)
  • Groupware in the Wild (Olson) -- Igor Levit (notes: HTML)
  • What mix of video and audio is useful? (Olson) -- Vidian Tolka and Jacobo Kligman (notes: HTML)
  • Electronic Meeting Systems to Support Group Work (Nunamaker)-- Yan Li (notes: HTML)
  • Experiences at IBM with Group Support Systems (Nunamaker) -- Marina Zlatkina and Bharat Bommuluri (notes: Word format)
  • Meeting at the desktop (Mark)-- Paaras Kumar (notes: pending)
  • Moving out of the meeting room (Bergqvist) -- Michael Head and Igor Levit (notes: pending)
  • Collaboration within and among minds (Geltovich)-- Victoria Alesker and Manor Lev-Tov (notes: pending)
  • Mediating microworlds (Goldman) -- Yan Li and John Langton (notes: pending)
11/27/01 Project Presentations
  • ADAPTIVE -- Seth Landsman (notes: pending)
  • The Analysis Tool -- Alex Feinman (notes: PowerPoint)
  • Patterns in Multi-user Planning -- Josh Introne (notes: pending)
  • Web Design Tool -- John Langton (notes: pending)
12/4/01 Project Presentations (continued)
* class rescheduled due to a holiday.

Class Work

Attendance and preparedness:

You are expected to be present for every class, and to have read the assigned readings thoroughly so that we can have an interesting and fruitful discussion on them each week.


Each person in the class will also be expected to do at least one Panel presentation. This will be a 15 minute presentation, plus 5 minutes to answer questions, in front of the class. The presentation should be backed by slides or other multimedia aids. A copy of these slides or other notes should be handed out to everyone in the class before the talk. In addition, an electronic copy must be submitted to the TI via email, for addition to the class web page, no later than the Monday directly before class. The notes, which can either be your slides or a summary of them, should present a concise summary of the paper, useful both to your fellow classmates for reference when rereading the papers and as a guide for others reading the paper for the first time, and should include such important information as the title and authors of the paper and its publication data, as well as your name.

Acceptable formats for the notes are:

You are welcome to use my laptop for the presentations; however, if you are expecting to do so, I must have a copy of your presentation, in HTML format (no PowerPoint .ppt files!), by 5 pm the day before class, with the following constraints:

Final Projects

Each participant will be required to do a Final Project for the class, as discussed in session. These projects are to be done in small groups.

There may be additions to the class work expected for this class.

ACF - 10/29/01