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In 2004 I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Brandeis University, working with Tim Hickey on Interval Computation and reliability of numerical computation. My recent work is on using CLP(F) and CLP(I) to rigorously model Hybrid Systems. I use clip, an implementation of CLP(I) and CLP(F) which uses smath (A sound library for arithmetic operations) to ensure that the interval constraints are calculated soundly. clip is available under the GPL from SourceForge.

My thesis CLP(F) Modeling of Hybrid Systems shows that using clip one can add rigor to models of hybrid systems.

I then did some work with Eve Marder, Astrid Prinz, John Langton, and Tim Hickey on visualizing the large data sets which neuroscience produces.

In 2007, I worked on steganography in images.

Since then, I have worked as a consultant to lawyers in intellectual property cases, and as a research engineer at BAE systems on a variety of systems.

My other interests are in distributed computing, particularly fault-tolerant or wait-free models. I've also done some work on Cryptographic Protocols and Quantum Cryptography.

In July every year from 1996 to 2002, I taught the Brandeis Summer Odyssey Program course in Distributed Computation.

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Some Interesting Pieces which circulated on email before the Web existed

R.A. Worsing's 1967 speech on reliability. Nearly 50 years ago Worsing pleaded with IBM for more reliable computing platforms. It's amazing how little has changed. Worsing was director of Boeing's computer operations.

Hardware debugging in the old days A possibly true story of debugging an early IBM 370 by Brian Hetrick.

If Kitchen Appliances were Like Programs by Mark Weiser

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