Matrox Marvel G200/Rainbow Runner Addon and support in Linux
via Video 4 Linux 1 and 2

Full Changelog:
Nov 21 - Woups! Some permissions got changed on the server ; the page was inaccessible. Sorry, it's been fixed!
Nov 15 - Can anyone familiar with linux sound look into the sound code already mostly in place in msp3400.h/.c ?
Oct 26 - mgavideo 0.0.7mb2 released by Mike Bernson.
Oct 20 - It seems the work described on Oct 16 is for the Mystique Rainbow Runner Studio. It does not work on a Millenium II RRS.
Oct 16 - Work is being done to get mgavideo to work on the Rainbow Runner studio by Isaac Connor ; Status page

Oct 15 - Received some confirmations on 0.0.7-mb1's working status. And I renew my promised - when time permits, this page should be fixed up because it seems that lots of Matrox users want to view tv, capture tv, etc. on their Linux boxes! Can we dissapoint them? no!
Sep 29 - Work is being done to add G400 support to mgavideo. by Jon Frederick at
    Some updates at Alex's homepage (ex V4L2 driver homepage). Good info, and some new tools.
   Oh, yes I do want to overhaul this page - remaining a Marvel for Linux site, but with emphasis on being the central place for mgavideo updates.
Sep 23 - mgavideo-0.0.7-mb1 released!
Sep 13 - mgavideo 0.0.7 released. (was NOT merged with 0.0.6mb1)
Sep 11 - mgavideo is confirmed to work on a G200 millenium+rainbow runner setup. We also have a framebuffer tip (see mgavideo section)
Sep 8 - Minor new release : mgavideo (0.0.6mb1)
Sep 1 - Hi! :) I'm back. I'll try to redesign this whole junk as soon as I can... In the meantime we have:
Aug 12 - Work continues on mgavideo; any major updates ARE posted asap, but right now we're all busy it seems. I'm also losing my high speed connection to the net for the last weeks of August, so it might be a bit slower, but all your emails are read, so keep sending them! P.S. This page WILL become a site soon, sorry for those who think its 'messy' because originally, this was just a PAGE of info, not a Site for MGAVideo News!
Aug 10 - (see Aug 12 entry)
Aug 5 Part 2 - mgavideo 0.0.6 released. Colorkeying (fun stuff!), channel changer, and support for more vid controls (brightness, etc.) FYI usage for freq: make sure you include -s <standard> which is one of the following:
ntsc-bcast (default)

Aug 5 - New G200 TV Out tool (same file as before, redownload if needed) - includes utility to dump all I2C registers on the Maven. We still need/want input from YOU after using the included files!
Aug 4 - Website changed location; work still in progress: we now have preview mode 'working', and a channel changer. Started adding tips for other resolutions than 1024*768 16bpp (see mgavideo section below) Moved mgavideo section to top! Old changelogs on their own page
Aug 3 - Received a tool for win9x5/8 to be able to look at the i2c bus traffic when TV Out settings are changed. If you can run this and send us your log, we might have MAVEN support for linux! Thanks to Mark Goodman for this one.
Aug 2 - FYI: if you dont have /dev/video? run ./MAKEDEV video and ./MAKEDEV i2c in your /dev directory - this will be added to the docs next time...
Aug 1 Part 2 - Note! If you got mgavideo 0.0.5 BEFORE 8:10 AM EST please download again - emergency bug fixed file now available with same name...
Aug 1 - mgavideo 0.0.5 - adds preliminary TV Tuner support, backend scaler, and more.
July 31 - Work is on its way for TV-Tuner support; we are getting more and more reports on different resolution/bit depths...thanks to all those who report on how the driver works for them
July 28 Part 5 - Added lotsa more info on mgavideo
July 28 Part 4 - Gerard v.d. Horst has managed to get the backend scaler to work! Now we don't only have video, we have fast video! :-) His code will be merged into the next mgavideo release.
July 28 Part 3 - Minor changes to the mgavideo section; added success/failure table
July 28 Part 2 - New Section: mgavideo specifics , I also inverted the Changelog; most recent at top.
July 28 - (see mgavideo section below)
July 27 - (see mgavideo section below)
July 26 - Driver update: mgavideo-0.0.4 | minor webpage fixes.
July 25 - Ryan Drake's release (mgavideo-0.0.3 - old)! Get it - try it out - report success/failures. They are still "very experimental" so do not distribute.
July 24 - "WE HAVE VIDEO!" - Ryan Drake has pulled it off, thanks to the help of a KS0127 bug clarification!! I'll let you know as soon as I get more from him...
July 16 - Linux Video and DVD Project link and info added about the LM33.
July 7 - Confirmed that the Rainbow Runner Addon also applies to this webpage
June 28 - Added picture of the [Marvel G200-TV PCI] chips - see below
June 27 - Added Mark's info about XV (see PLAN OF ATTACK). Cleaned up HTML source :)
June 23 - Added Itai's information (homepage link and TV Tuner PDF file); Updated BUZ driver infos.

Eddie Galvez
Page last modified: Feb 17, 2000