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Generative Lexicon Theory and Corpus Linguistics

CS 216
Spring 2007


Professor: James Pustejovsky
Volen 258

TA: Amber Stubbs
Volen 110

Course Readings

Lecture 1
Lecture 2

Recommended readings:

James Pustejovsky - Type Theory and Lexical Decomposition
James Pustejovsky - Type Construction and the logic of Concepts
James Pustejovsky and Branimir Boguraev - Lexical Knowledge Representation and Natural Language Processing
Paul Dekker - The Semantics of Dynamic Conjuction



Due March 6 - Read Dynamic Predicate Logic and write a 1-page summary, to be turned in during class. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Due March 13 - Read When GL meets the corpus by Elisabetta Jezek. No summary necessary.

Due March 20 - Read A Factuality Profiler for Eventualities in Text by Roser Sauri. No summary necessary.


Presentations and Contact Informaion

Slides from Ben Wellner's talks (powerpoint files):
Modeling Discourse
Classification of Discourse Coherence Relations

Elisabetta would like the class to know that while she will be returning to Italy after this semester is over, anyone who wishes to contact her is welcome to. Her e-mail address is jezek@unipv.it