Class News

Sample Quiz 2

I’ve posted a Sample Quiz 2 so you have a better idea of what to expect on Friday. Good luck studying! If you have questions, come by and see me or Livnat.

Deadline for PS 5 changed to Friday

I’ve decided to give you until Friday to complete Problem Set 5. This is for two reasons, first, I am only now getting you the guide up for the problem set; second, there will be no PS 6, so you won’t be working on that this weekend.

Problem Set 5 is Up

I’ve posted Problem Set 5! It is due a week from today, April 28th at 11:59pm. Good luck!

New Expanded Guide to PS 4

I’ve put up a few more hints at how to solve the DPL problems at
Expanded PS 4 Guide. Good luck!

Part 2 of PS 4 Extended till 4/20!!

Everyone seems a bit overwhelmed by the Dynamic Predicate Logic questions in PS4, so I’m going to extend the due date until next Tuesday, 4/20/10. And I’ll post an even more explicit guide to those questions, by tonight.

Welcome back from Break!

I hope you all had a relaxing and productive break. Now get ready to start back into discourse and anaphora for a couple of lectures, before we move into time, tense, and aspect.

Problem Set Posted

Problem Set 4 is now up. Jess’s notes from March 26, 2010 (Friday) are posted, as is a crib sheet with the DPL rules listed.

Have a great break!

Dynamic Predicate Logic Paper

The paper by Groenendijk and Stokhof, entitled Dynamic Predicate Logic has been upload for you to read the first part of for Friday’s class. Good luck!

Reading for March 23

We’re starting Discourse and Anaphora this week, so be sure to start Chapter 5 in the book, Anaphora, Discourse, and Context. Jess will be teaching Tuesday, and she will cover pronoun interpretation in different discourse contexts. Then, she will move on to Discourse Representation Theory (DRT).

Typo in Sample Quiz

Alert students pointed out that there was a typo in (5d) on the Sample Quiz with Answers. That has been corrected and now the correction is posted. So the current copy of the Sample Quiz with Answers contains the universal quantifier in (5d).
Good work guys!

Answers to Sample Quiz 1 are posted

I’ve posted the answer sheet to the sample quiz. I will follow the style of the sample quiz pretty closely, and I will expect answers to look something like that given here. Good luck studying and tomorrow!!

Sample Quiz is posted!

I’ve uploaded a sample quiz that should give you a very good idea of what to expect. Only these topics will be addressed, more or less in tomorrow’s test. I will post the answers shortly!

Problem Set 2 Answers

Please check out Latte for the answers to Problem Set #2.

Quantifier Embedding

I’ve posted a new handout on how to do quantifier substitution with embedded quantifiers. Also, I’ve corrected the semantics for relational nouns like picture, since we want to be able to separate out the relational behavior of the noun, from its predicative force. This is corrected in the original Quantifier Substitution Handout.

Guide to PS 3

I’ve posted a new guide for how to do quantifier substitution with multiple quantifiers. Don’t worry about embedded quantifiers for the problem set. There is an extra credit for that, and I will explain how to do that in another handout.

Updated Syllabus

The syllabus for the rest of the semester has been updated. Please take special note of the two quiz dates: Friday, March 19 and Friday, April 23.

New Notes on Quantified NPs

Check out the notes on how to treat quantified NPs in non-subject position. We’ll talk about this analysis in class on Tuesday.

New Problem Set Comments!!

I’ve posted a new Guide to the problem set , with some clarification about Problem, 3.3. So, please check out the Guide and see if that helps!!

Guide to PS #2 is posted

There have been several questions regarding some of the problems in PS #2, so I’ve posted a clarification to hopefully get rid of those confusions. We’ll go over those points in class today before we move on to generalized quantifiers, and remember:


Friday notes are up

I’ve posted Jessica’s class notes on the syllabus. Also, be SURE to check out my lecture notes on the lambda-calculus from February 5th. Stay tuned here and I’ll post clarifications as questions come up from students regarding the problems on the problem set.

Problem Set 2 is posted

Hi everyone, I’ve posted PS 2. It’s a bit long, I know, but you have a good period of time to work on it. If you should have trouble you’ll still have time to ask for help from me or Livnat after the break. Have a nice holiday, and see you afterwards!

Semantics of FOL

Notes for the semantics of first-order logic have been posted. Also, I’ve posted the first in my notes on the lambda calculus. We’ll try to get to the notion of characteristic function on Friday and then the computational model for application of a characteristic function to an individual.

Problem Set Correction!

I’ve made problem 2.5g an extra credit assignment, as many people were having difficulty with it. Keep trying, and now you’ll get even more points!

Hot Topics in Chapter 3

There are several things to look out for in this chapter. We are introduced to the notion of Model-theoretic semantics.

  • As we introduce a structural and formal notion of meaning, we make a distinction between the syntactic well-formedness of an expression, and its denotation, or extension. This is some collection or combination of entities from the domain of discourse.
  • A denotation assignment function will tell us how to give specific values to expressions, first for propositional logic, then for first-order logic.
  • Definition of a Model: an ordered pair consisting of a domain of discourse, A, and the denotation assignment function, Fm mentioned above: <A,Fm>.

Readings for Feb 2nd

I will start in on the semantics of first order logic and model theory on Tuesday, so please start into Chapter 3, “The Semantics of Logical Inference”, in order to be prepared for class.

Natural Deduction Lecture notes are posted

I’ve posted my notes on natural deduction, as well as the handout from Jessica’s lecture last Friday.

Welcome to LING 130

I am looking forward to the first class and meeting you all on Tuesday. If you have settled on the course and are signed up, I hope you have the book. The bookstore was claiming they didn’t have as many copies as we need, so you may need to visit for your text if you haven’t gotten one yet.