Liuba Shrira

Computer Science Department
Brandeis University
office Volen Center, Room 258, 415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02454, USA
Phone : (781) 736 2704
Fax : (781) 736 2741

Research Interests

I am interested in the design and evaluation of system architectures that provide consistency and reliability without compromising on performance. For example, how to provide high-performance reliable storage in the presence of malicious attacks, how can a scalable Internet storage system support consistent sharing for mobile collaborators, how to make long-lived consistent past states available to an application without performance penalty, how to upgrade without down-time a storage system as it evolves over time. Here are some of the current projects in my research group and here is my Google tech talk on split snapshots.

I am helping organize FAST 2009, CLOUD 2009, HotCloud 2010, MSST 2010, SIGMOD 2010 , HotSWUp'11, SYSTOR 2011, EuroSys 2011, EDBT 2012, USENIX ATC'12, EuroSys 2013 workshops, USENIX ATC'13. Please consider submitting!

Short bio


Students and collaborators


Ross Shaull, Eitan Bachmat , Barbara Liskov

Former students, postdocs and visitors Magnus Bjornsson (now at EMC), Hong Tian (now at Amazon), Dong Siying (now at Microsoft) , Hao Xu (now at a startup), Georges Brun-Cottan (now at EMC), Paaras Kumar (now at EMC), and collaborators James W. O'Toole Jr., great many members of the PMG group at MIT, Rob Gerth , Oded Goldreich

Resources for students (general resources about writing, career, being a sucessful graduate student).




COSI 11A, Introduction to Programming with Java and C


COSI 31A, Computer Systems Structure and Organization


COSI 146a, Fundamentals of Computer Systems


COSI 147a, Distributed Computer Systems and Networks


COSI 220, Advanced Topics in Computer System


Recent Publications


The research described in these publications has been partially supported by the NSF.


Exo-leasing: Escrow Synchronization for Mobile Clients of Commodity Storage Servers
Skippy: a New Indexing Method for Long-Lived Snapshots in the Storage Manager
Enabling Long-Lived Snapshots of the Long-Lived Past
ExoSnap: a Modular Approach to Semantic Synchronization and Snapshots
Time travel in the virtualized past: cheap fares and first class seats
High-Performance Snapshots in a High-Level Cache
HQ Replication: A Hybrid Quorum Protocol for Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Modular Software Upgrades for Distributed Systems
Thresher: An Efficient Storage Manager for Copy-on-write Snapshots
SNAP: a Non-disruptive Snapshot System
Selected other publications