Enabling Long-Lived Snapshots of the Long-Lived Past

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``Skippy:Enabling Long-Lived Snapshots of the Long-Lived Past" by Ross Shaull(Brandeis), Liuba Shrira (Brandeis), and Hao Xu (Brandeis). Poster paper for ICDE 2008, (International Conference on Data Engineering), Cancun, Mexico, March 2008.)


Decreasing disk costs have made it practical to retain long-lived snapshots, enabling new applications that analyze past states and infer about future states. Current approaches offer no satisfactory way to organize long-lived snapshots because they disrupt the database in either short or long run. Split snapshots are a recent approach that overcomes some of the limitations. An unsolved problem has been how to support efficient application code access to arbitrarily long-lived snapshots. We describe a new approach that solves this problem. Performance evaluation, based on theoretical analysis and experimental measurements, indicates that the new approach is effective and efficient.

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