Resources for students

by many sages from many places

Richard Hamming ``You and Your Research''

On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research

Advice on Research and Writing (at CMU)

How to Succeed in Graduate School by Marie desJardins

Advice compiled by Michael Ernst

How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper by Roy Levin and David D. Redell on good/bad writing (list compiled by Fabrice Neyret)

Non-Technical Talks by David Patterson, U.C. Berkeley (advice on writing and career)

How to Have Your Abstract Rejected by Mary-Claire van Leunen and Richard Lipton

Simon Peyton Jones: How to write a great research paper

Lots of advice at the Journal of Machine Learning Gossip

How to Get a Paper Accepted at OOPSLA

What it's like to be a POPL referee

The Elements of Style

Online articles are more cited

Alan Sokal on the "Social Text Affair"