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New proofs of old theorems

Martin Cohn
Harry Mairson
Computer Science Department
Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts 02254


Quite often, we've found, teaching theory,
Undergrads are bored, puzzled and weary.
``Sterile proofs are from Hell--
Teach us HTML!''
They don't get it--in turn, we're left teary.

But good theorems don't formally hide
The human emotion supplied
In their proofs' demonstration.
Scientific elation
Belongs not in formaldehyde.

Rigor without mortis, our goal,
Is for sure a negotiable shoal--
We need not run aground.
In our teaching, we've found
A proof's spirit, in verse, is made whole.

Formal methods are meant to elide
Ideas we aspire to confide.
So to ``lemma,'' ``parameter,''
Add ``iambic pentameter.''
This should help students' ennui subside.

Pedagogy's best shown by example.
Ensuite, you are offered a sample
In the hope you're not wincing.
Find our thesis convincing--
We expect explanations are ample.

Harry Mairson
Thu Oct 9 11:06:29 EDT 1997