George Mou

Ph.D., Computer Science, Yale University, (617) 736-2738

Professor Mou's research interests are in the areas of parallel algorithms, parallel programming paradigms, and parallel programming languages. His research projects are aimed at the effective exploitation of parallel computers with thousands of processors by high-level specification of the computation. He has proposed a formal model for divide-and-conquer (DC) which allows DC algorithms to be derived from the algebraic properties of computational problems. He has also put forward a parallel programming language called Divacon by which parallel DC algorithms can be specified hierarchically and concisely. He has built prototype implementation of the model/language on several massively parallel architectures and attained high performance for a wide range of applications.

Professor Mou is currently developing an optimizing compiler for his parallel language Divacon. The optimizer is directed by a built-in micro-analyzer and can perform semantics-preserving transformations. One of his ongoing research project is the study of the communication patterns in recursive parallel algorithms and their optimal mappings to mesh and hypercube architectures. He is also working on the design, implementation, and analysis of parallel algorithms for a number of problems in scientific computing.

In addition to the above, Professor Mou is interested in functional parallel programming languages and related issues. These include abstract interpretation, partial evaluation, and transformations of functional parallel programs. His recent research interests also include distributed data structures and parallel evaluation of recurrences.

Selected Publications

An Algebraic Model for Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms and its Parallelism (with P. Hudak). Journal of Supercomputing 2:3 (1988), pp. 257-278.

Divacon: A Parallel Language for Scientific Computing Based on Divide-and-Ccnquer. 1990 IEEE Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation, pp. 451-461.

Optimal Mappings of m Dimensional FFT Communication to k Dimensional Mesh for Arbitrary m and k (with X. Wang). 1993 Conference on Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe (PARLE93), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 694, pp. 104-119.

Spectrum Analysis of Communication Networks on Parallel Computers. Practical Aspects of Parallel Computing (ed. L. Tao), pp. 123-140. International Academic Publishers, 1994.

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