Diario Efimero - Ephemeral Diary

Mon Jan 22 13:27:50 EST 2001 lego porn
Tue May 2 14:27:05 EDT 2000 radio mp3
Wed Nov 17 14:38:34 EST 1999 A vuelo de pájaro As seen from above...
Fri Oct 29 12:20:08 EDT 1999 SlashDot News for Nerds
Fri Feb 12 15:14:50 EST 1999 Bill Mitchell toons
Thu Sep 17 11:56:54 EDT 1998 Bernini, Dalí, Van Eyck Chagall, Van Dyck, Tintoretto
Thu Apr 16 12:33:10 EDT 1998 Bajo el Sol Jaguar Under the Jaguar Sun
Thu Jan 29 18:11:13 EST 1998 Eterno Popocatépetl Eternal Popocatépetl
Mon Jan 26 10:47:36 EST 1998 Neo-Anarquía Neo-Anarchists
Mon Jan 26 10:39:00 EST 1998 Radio Policía Police Scanner
Tue Jan 20 11:57:39 EST 1998 Angel de la Muerte Death Angels
Fri Dec 5 12:58:54 EST 1997 Plasti-Sex Remember Juan José Arreola
Thu Dec 4 14:03:29 EST 1997 ¿ Querés casarte con una hermosa señorita rusa, asiática o latina? Do you want to marry a beautiful russian, asian or latin woman?
Wed Oct 8 10:35:58 EDT 1997 Subversivo Oficial Official Subversive
Robocup Robocup
Sat Aug 30 19:21:57 EDT 1997 Donde esta MIR? (Java) Where is MIR? (Java)
Fri Jul 11 20:29:43 EDT 1997 "Ahora quiero hablarte de negocios": El avión en versión compañía telefónica "Let's talk about business": An old scam in long distance company version. Q. What if I refer just one person or a company?
A. You must refer at least 3 accounts and you'll make up to 5% a month residual income from their Long Distance bills. However, you can probably see the tremendous potential: you refer 3 people and convince each of them to refer three each. You and those you refer begin to build your networks of contacts and to benefit from the 8 level plan. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
Mon Jul 7 14:34:58 EDT 1997 Qué está pasando en Marte? What's going on in Mars?
Mon Jul 7 14:28:48 EDT 1997 Triunfo de Cárdenas en México, D.F Cárdenas won the election in Mexico City
Tue Jul 1 12:22:48 EDT 1997 Pi es racional. Pi is rational.
Wed Jun 25 12:02:27 EDT 1997 Su amor fue el Krill, su delirio las morsas asadas, y su hijo... Philippe. Krill was his love, roasted walruses his delirium, and his son... Philippe.
Wed Jun 25 11:56:57 EDT 1997 Bolivia campeón de America? Bolivia champion of America?


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